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$200 (4) -1 hour Sessions)

$350 (Unlimited Sessions)

This Package is ideal for professionals seeking impartial and expert counsel to accelerate their career growth (e.g., rising professionals, managers, and executives). With unlimited sessions we’ll strategically chart your career objectives, unearth any roadblocks to advancement, elevate your thinking to overcome these challenges, develop a clear roadmap to drive the realization of your goals, and commence with the implementation of your action plan until you secure a position.


1. Self-Discovery Consultation.

First, we’ll work together to excavate your career goals, passions, ideas, key skills, concerns, and begin the process discovering what you desire, where you want to go, and how to reach a higher you;


2. Obstacles and Limiting Beliefs.

Second, we’ll discuss what’s holding you back from achieving your career goals (e.g., limiting beliefs), and provide strategies to eliminate these obstacles;


3. Career Roadmap.

Third, we will develop a comprehensive career roadmap with different pathways you can pursue to fast track the realization of your objectives;


4. A SMARTer Approach.

Next, we will use S.M.A.R.T. goal setting, scaffolded with proven tactics, to translate your objectives into an action plan that will methodically and efficiently move you towards your targets; and


5. Breakthrough.

Finally, we’ll begin implementation. And, I will provide you further guidance, so that you can continue on the path to a Higher You, upon completion of our sessions.