Stylistically and methodically crafting documents that will highlight the best components of your background branding you accordingly. We will carefully, and effectively leverage your qualifications in a way that is compelling, free of error and ensuring keywords are being utilized properly all while excavating and targeting your ideal positions.


  • Keep in mind that resumes are usually rejected within seconds, but with RD Resume & Career Coaching yours won’t be one of them.


Mitigate your process


Maximize your opportunity by leaving your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, or all three to the expert Richard. There is much to be done between maintaining your current job; let alone, sourcing job opportunities, preparing for interviews, completing job applications and meeting other deadlines. “Trust the Process” is the motto.  RD Resume & Career Coaching has built a solid foundation/reputation based on referrals and prides itself on being one call or email away to help you with success.




  1. Choose your package

  2. Submit current Resume and relevant background information.

  3. Allow 10-14 business days for a well crafted resume revamp.